Marine environments present unique challenges for electrical installations due to their harsh conditions, including exposure to saltwater, vibrations, and extreme weather. Ensuring reliable and efficient electrical systems onboard vessels is crucial for the safety of crew members, the integrity of the vessel, and the successful operation of onboard equipment. At APT, we specialize in providing comprehensive electrical installation solutions tailored specifically for marine applications.

Marine Projects


28 Meter Speed Boat- Electrical Installation

The work included all the electrical work installation for the Swift 28 meters speed boats fabricated inside the Egyptian Navy Ras-El Tin Naval Base. The Systems included all the Trays Installation, Power Cables, Panels, Communication cables installations, and boat control systems

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Egyptian Navy - CPC - Swift Ships

Supply and install electrical systems of two CPC - Swift ships at the Egyptian Navy Military Shipyard including the installation of lighting, power, fire alarm, navigation and steernig system.

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