Thermo-graphic Survey

APT Thermographic survey engineers are highly qualified and trained of using the IR camera to identify the problems accurately and in timely manner. APT use state of the art none intrusive IR camera in that helps detect problems before they occur and reduce cost for repair and process down time. One of the main advantages of the IR survey is the test performed while the facility is in operation and under load. APT provides a detail report describes the problem, problem location, visual picture of the problem, IR picture of the problem, problem priority, and repair recommendations.

- Distribution Panels
- Circuit Breakers
- Bus Bars
- Motor Control Centers
- Main Switchgear
- Transformers - UPS Systems
- Motors Splices
- Transfer Switches

IR problem sample( load side fuse clip)

IR problem sample( wire termination)
In addition, Infrared Testing will...

- Reduce Downtime
- Prevent Electrical Failures
- Prolong Life of Equipment
- Decrease Risk of Fire

IR problem sample( bus termination)