Power monitors provide data for benchmarking the power infras¬tructure and then sense, analyze, and report disturbances continually. With our latest power quality meters we can view voltage and current waveforms, view time sags and swells, study harmonic distortion, acquire transients, and then plot all the data on a CBEMA or ITIC curve. Act¬ing promptly, but thoughtfully, to solve power disturbances will save money in downtime, equipment repair cost, and load analysis. Remember, power distribution systems are only reliable when closely monitored and properly maintained. The primary purpose of power monitoring is to determine the quality of power being provided to the facility and the effects of equipment loads on the building distribution system. While disturbances may be expected, the source of the distur¬bance is not always predictable. APT by using the state-of-art equipment can determine whether the power quality event occurred on the utility or facility side, and then pinpoint the cause of disturbances.

American Power Technology is using the latest technology and methods for the power quality monitoring and analysis to determine and discover the following parameters and power quality issues:

-RMS Voltage
-RMS Current
-Power Factor
-Phase Sequence
-Energy Demand
-Voltage Swell

-Voltage Sags
-Frequency Variation
-Voltage Unbalance
-Voltage Harmonics
-Current Harmonics
-Total Harmonics Distortion

The followings are examples of the text and the graph parts on our report