Electrical Power Studies

APT electrical power studies team is headed by high qualified engineers that have extensive experience in these studies and in solving problems related to these studies to insure safe, reliable and cost efficient operation. This study is performed by using special computer hardware and software to perform the analysis of power system studies. The computer model enables us to readily perform complex calculations and to evaluate the performance of the system by simulation the overall client power system. APT has the expert engineers to perform the following studies:

  • Short Circuit Studies

Determine the short-circuit current available at each component of the electrical system and the ability of the component to withstand and/or interrupt the current.

  • Coordination Studies

Determine protective device characteristics, settings, or sizes which provide a balance between equipment protection and selective device operation that is optimum for the electrical system.

  • Flow & Power Factor Studies

Determine active and reactive power, voltage, current, and power factor throughout the electrical system. Provide an analysis of all possible operating scenarios which will be or have been influenced by the proposed or completed additions or changes to the subject system.

  • Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

Electrical arc flash and shock hazards have been recognized as particularly dangerous and fairly frequent occurrences that put the lives and health of electrical workers at significant risk.

Arc Flash is the result of a rapid release of energy due to an arcing fault between phase to phase, or phase to ground. The air is working as a conductor during the arc. The arc flash study determines the worst case arc-flash hazards and associated incident energy conditions.